The Center for Compassionate Mindful Education

Leading mindfulness and compassion based changing processes to promote an essential moral society

The Center for Compassionate Mindful Education specializes in developing and training programs for cultivating mindfulness and compassion in the educational field specifically, and in society in general.


We believe the path towards a society which possesses the tools and motivation to improve, begins with cultivating the potential of the change agents who constitute a model for the next generation: parents, teachers, consulters and therapists.

Our programs are based on empirical studies and are focused on improving the spiritual wellbeing, consciousness and emotional-social skills of these communities and of the children and youth whom they raise.

Practicing mindfulness and compassion contributes in developing:

  • Consciousness to oneself, to others and to the surroundings

  • Emotional and behavioral regulation

  • Attentiveness, coordination and motor skills

  • Consideration and compassion


Resulting in:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety

  • Empowering the spiritual wellbeing

  • Improving the educational climate

  • Promoting moral behavior

  • Promoting academic success


Social Value


We are a non-profit institution, which targets making mindfulness in education accessible in broad populations as much as possible, including disadvantaged populations.


Since 2014 we have trained:


Meditation Teachers




School Teachers





"Starting every lesson with mindfulness does wonders! Especially children with an emotional or neurological difficulty react well to practice"

Sophie, music and Hebrew teacher.


  • The Center's programs are based on empiric studies performed by the organization's founders*, and additional studies, Israeli and international.

  • The programs focus on empowering educators as a tool – giving a fishing rod instead of fish.

  • The programs are built in an ecological whole-school approach, which includes the whole educational community (teachers, parents and children) in the change process.

  • The programs target social transformation side by side with personal progress.


The Center's Founders

Dr. Rony Berger

Clinical psychologist, senior lecturer and faculty member at the international stress and trauma program at the Tel Aviv University. World renowned expert at coping with stress and trauma, and one of the founders of the international association Psychology Beyond Borders, which works with war, terror and nature disaster survivors. He developed resilience kits for coping with traumatic situations, that were translated into 15 languages and implemented in many of the world's most disastrous events. Dr. Berger is also an adviser at the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University, where he collaborates in designing programs which cultivate mindfulness and compassion. Lately he has worked with the institute founded by the Dalai Lama, Mind and Life Institute, in building pedagogy which praises civilian ethics, and was a partner in writing an appraisal for Call to Care, which he has been studying lately with Dr. Tarrasch.

Dr. Ricardo Tarrasch

Faculty member at the school of education and school of neuroscience of Tel Aviv University. 30 years of experience in practicing meditation and yoga. During the last 10 years, integrates mindfulness education and research in the academic field. Developed a mindfulness teaching program for children and studies the effects of this program and other teaching programs among children and teachers. Additionally, he studies the effects of practicing mindfulness in adults with attention deficit disorders and/or dyslexia on cerebral, cognitive and emotional measures.

Maty Lieblich

Develops and teaches practical and theoretical mindfulness training programs for teachers and therapists, for the past two decades, whilst integrating between modern, research-based mindfulness approaches and traditional Buddhist meditation. Maty is a co-founder and coordinator of the mindfulness-based therapy program, at the school of social work at Bar Ilan University, where she also teaches. Additionally, Maty is a partner in writing and teaching the two-year mindfulness and self-compassion course for teachers, at the school of education at Tel Aviv University, and teaches the supervisors of educational advisers at the ministry of education.

Ravid Bogaire

Cognitive psychologist working at the educational psychological service. Partner in developing and implementing content for the program Call to Care in Israel, teaches continuing teaching programs and workshops for teachers and therapists, children and parents, and consults unique educational spaces at the research and development department of the ministry of education. Within the framework of the educational psychological service, leads the mindfulness discipline in Petah Tikva and teaches mindfulness and compassion groups, promoting personal wellbeing and integration in educational and therapeutic work. Graduate of the teaching mindfulness skills in work with children program (the attentiveness language) and continued in an educational MBCT program for therapists. Ravid has a rich background in teaching dance in Israel and France, and for the past decade has been practicing yoga and learning Buddhism as a way of life.

Moriya Rosenberg

Educator, dance artist and certified yoga instructor. Moriya specializes in developing mindfulness, movement and compassion-based educational emotional-social content, and teaching educational and instructive teams in a range of educational frameworks, for promoting personal and community wellbeing. Additionally, she teaches children and adults in Rhythm Therapy ® workshops. Moriya has a BA degree in performance arts from the University of Melbourne, Australia, and a BA degree in psychology from the University of Tel Aviv. Today she is a MA psychology student at the University of Tel Aviv, and studies the role of emotions in conflict resolution between groups. Moriya practices yoga and meditation, for the past decade.


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